Following the French Motorcycle Federation’s announcement of its team to contest (and defend) the MX of Nations trophy there’s been a whole heap of noise surrounding the omission of American-based former world champ, Marvin Musquin in the team. 

Pic: S Cudby/KTM
Pic: S Cudby/KTM

Reigning MXGP champion, Romain Febvre is included without too much question from any quarter, as too is Dylan Ferrandis who is on a rich run of form during the second half of the MX2 season – he’s clearly the best French man in GPs on a 250F right now.

Question marks fall on the third man though, Gautier Paulin, and his inclusion ahead of Marvin Musquin. Paulin has been injured again in 2016 and hasn’t hit the high points many think is required to slot into the reigning MX of Nations champions team.

If you’re being cynical you could ask does the HRC rider ever really achieve his potential in the MXGP championship if you just look at results? Has that stopped him being a successful part of the French Nations team in their dominant recent years? Non monsieur.

It is also true to say there are probably things behind the scenes we don’t know about and a huge part of the equation has to surround Musquin’s commitments for Red Bull KTM in the US and to the outdoor AMA season, the Red Bull Rhythm event, the Monster Cup and his prep for the Supercross season – all of which sit badly with the late September MX of Nations dates.

If this excerpt from an interview with Musquin at the end of the Supercross season is anything to go by then Marvin is probably not too sore about the rest he’ll get as a result…

Asked about his chances of getting a ride in the team and which class he’d prefer Musquin said: “If I get to ride obviously that would be awesome so, you know, I don’t mind and the French team manager will do what he wants to do. Febvre is for sure the number one on the 450 right now so I don’t know.”

Marvin continued: “Because of the schedule it is difficult because we want to take a break. It’s only a couple of weeks after the last round of MX out here, then there’s the Red Bull Rhythm, then the Monster Cup and then we start again the hard training for January so it is non-stop. We have to make plans and see how it goes, see how the French Federation are thinking and see where we are.”

Red Bull KTM team mate to Musquin is Ryan Dungey backs up the sentiment that the MX of Nations doesn’t sit too well with the US calendar: “It’s such a tough situation with it being a couple of weeks after our season ends here. I realise how important it is but I also realise how important it is to have a break.

I can’t say it enough, it bums me out because I want to be there. But if I go then I don’t get the break and then I don’t feel like it’s fair to myself, to my team, to my sponsors and everybody here in America.” Added Captain America.  

Musquin also posted directly on his Facebook page on August 10th: “A lot of people are expecting me to react since I wasn’t picked in the French Team for the Mx Des Nations, but It’s not to me to comment the federation’s choice.
I will support the French Team 100% tho, and I hope we will keep the trophy in our country! I also hope I will be part of the team Next year, in Glen Helen.”

With the MX of Nations takes place at Maggiore Park, Italy on September 25th.

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