As bonkers as bike racing gets? The Weston Beach Race is the annual sand fest on Britain’s South West coast which attracts riders in the 1000s and spectators in the tens of thousands.┬áThe 2017 Hydrogarden Weston Beach Race was a classic – an impressive display from winner Todd Kellett and a return to form for David Knight.

What’s it like as a rider? If you like the thrill of being in the thick of it weston is as good as it gets, the right amount of madness and danger. Fun mixed with fear. It’s fantastic.

No part is crazier than the start where 700+ riders first battle to find their bikes, then battle to even reach the start line and then, finally, battle from the start, over the first dune and then run at motorway speeds for a mile of Weston beach. What the hell is that all about? Take a look…

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